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SOMM supports social participation  of migrant and muslim women and the access to educational and working opportunities.

We, migrant and/or muslim women, have organized ourselves in order to support equality, participation and integration and to be able to offer concrete help in social matters.

We oppose violence against women, racism and islamophobia.

With our work we want to call the attention of the society to the formal and informal qualifications and competences of migrant women.

As migrant and/or muslim women we want to encourage each other. We take the opportunity for free development of identity as an important way to integration and participation.

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Women and girls can contact us if they need information, support and advice:

in social questions as legal claims, services, competences and proceedings at authorities

in questions of job-hunting in case of discriminations in and outside the job-world

about opportunities of further educations, legalization of  foreign degrees

in case of communication problems in schools and kindergarden, at the doctor or authorities

in case of problems in the family

in questions about nutrition

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Intercultural Escort and Visit Service RAHMA: our staff escorts you to the hospital, the outpatients´ department or the doctor.

With the project „Alpha Laboratorium“ we developed  a new method of alphabetisation with digital inclusion, which we implement in our literacy classes IQRA with migrant women.

BAB باب – Education Work Profession: Within this project we organize a course to prepare migrant women for an further education in order to have a profession in the health sector and we organize a course for muslim girls in order to strenghten their possibilities of professional eduaction.

SAKINA – Mental Health Facilitation of Migrant/ Muslim Women and girls: With Sakina we want to help each other to find out ways of strenghtening our mental health and widen our ressources to develop mental health which is very important especially for women and theier families who have to face various difficulties in migration.

FiM- Window into Tomorrowso we call our girl programme to encourage them for a hopful future. For the girls we offer spare time acitivities like swimming (we rent a hall for them because we don't have any swimmining halls only for women in Austria) and other sport acitivities, trips into the nature (you must know that most of our girls are from socially disadvanged families who cannot afford spare time activities), visitis of museum etc. They find help for learning for the school in our place and the possibility to speak about their problems.

Empowerment– and Anti-Discrimination-Workshops with migrant women

German Communication-Training and German Basic-Courses

We offer further training courses, lectures, workshops to topics such as Islam, women, health, integration or anti-discrimination

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